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8 Tips for Throwing a Cool Summer Party

Food For Summer Party
When you have an awning for your patio, you suddenly have an enjoyable space you can use to entertain throughout the year. An awning keeps the rain from ruining your outdoor time, and it prevents the sun from beating down on you. Your patio awning has made your outdoor room more summer-friendly — take advantage by throwing a cool summer party.

1. Create an Array of Colorful, Non-Alcoholic Drinks

You'll want your guests to stay hydrated in the heat. So, set up a spa station with colorful agua frescas and water infusions. Buy a selection of clear glass dispensers, and set them up in a cluster with fruit for garnish. Line up your glassware nearby. To keep the liquids cool, freeze fruit ahead of time, and use them as flavored ice cubes.

2. Choose a Color Palette for Décor

In that vein, you expect a backyard summer party to be colorful. Consider choosing a theme, such as beach casual or Southern hospitality. Even if you don't want a thematic party, choose a color scheme ahead of time. Decorate with paper lanterns, balloons, and tableware in your chosen scheme. While not essential, your guests will be extra impressed if your agua frescas also adhere to the color scheme.

3. Serve Cucumbers

When you think of a cooling food, your mind probably goes to cucumbers, and there's a good reason for that. Cucumbers have a high water content, which helps keep you cool. For your party, you can slice cucumbers and serve them with a pinch of salt. You could also make a cucumber salad with radish, basil, mozzarella, and vinaigrette.

4. Decorate With Citronella Candles

Mosquitoes are an unwanted guest at any party. Citronella candles are a festive method for keeping the pests at bay. You can buy a variety and simply place them around the patio. A fancier option is floating tealight citronella candles on water in a mason jar. You can also add two slices of lemon or lime for a summery look, or you can add extra scent with sprigs of rosemary in the water.

5. Add Herbs to Your Charcoal

Floating candles aren't the only place for scented herbs. You can also add herbs to your charcoal if you're throwing a barbecue. Select large sprigs of thyme, rosemary, and sage. Once the charcoal has cooled to the grilling stage, lay the herbs over the coals. As your food cooks, the herbs will infuse it with a smoky flavor. The herbs will also infuse the patio with a delightful aroma.

6. Keep Food Cold in a Kiddie Pool

Even with your awning in place, your patio will be warm. Naturally, you want to keep many of the food items, such as potato salad and deviled eggs, cool. Rather than try and set up individual cooling dishes, fill a kid's pool with ice. The wide area is ideal for multiple dishes. Set up the pool anywhere you have enough space so that guests have easy access to the food.

7. Pack Foods in Single-Serve Jars

Another issue with summertime barbecues is the insect factor. The citronella candles are a good start, but you also want to keep bugs out of the food. To that end, consider packing foods such as pasta salad or other side dishes in single-serve jars. Mason jars with attached lids are ideal for this purpose, but you can also upcycle any lidded jars you have lying around.

8. Make Ice Cream Muffins

Along those same lines, you can make ice cream muffins for your guests to enjoy. These desserts are not actually muffins at all — start by scooping your ice cream into muffin liners and then store them in the freezer. When it's time to serve the ice cream, place it in muffin tins or a large Tupperware container. Keep the extra ice cream muffins frozen in the kiddie pool cooler.

Throw a summer party that will have your guests raving the rest of the season. The perfect summer party starts with an awning to keep your patio cool. Visit our team at Designer Awnings & Canopies for the ideal awning for your patio.