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Patio Awnings: A Home Accessory the Whole Family Will Love


In most households, home décor is decided by one member of the family and basically ignored by everyone else. An awning is an addition that adds a touch of luxury and color to the exterior of the home, but it is a functional piece as well. Everyone in the family will notice and love the addition of a patio awning because of the many benefits it offers. 

Lowers the Heat

Warm weather is perfect for barbecues and evenings spent in conversation on the patio. The only problem is that many of those events are cut short or made uncomfortable because of the heat. The installation of an awning can prevent this type of occurrence by instantly lowering the patio temperature. A covered patio still lets everyone enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Reduction of heat is why awnings were initially invented. As far back as Ancient Egypt, people were using the design to reduce the amount of heat that entered their homes and businesses. Archaeologists have discovered that many ancient civilizations took advantage of the cooling benefit an awning could provide. 

The difference awnings create is like sitting in the shade of a large tree. The temperature is instantly cooler than the area surrounding the patio, and the effect helps to keep it cooler into the evening. Awnings prevent concrete surfaces from becoming too hot to walk on and reduce the amount of heat the concrete holds so the patio can cool more off as the surrounding air temperature drops.

Blocks the Sun 

Heat is not the only complication caused by the sun. Sensitive skin can burn while sitting out, fabric and paint fade, and plants wilt. Awning installations reduce the UV rays that reach people, plants, and furnishings and protect them from damage. Patio surfaces are even at risk because the direct sunlight heats concrete and it may lead to cracks as the material expands. An awning can prevent this damage.

Shields From Rain

Shopkeepers commonly installed awnings in the past to protect shoppers from the rain and to encourage more window shopping on rainy days. The simple cover was an inexpensive addition that made it easier for them to boost their sales on days that would have otherwise kept people at home. 

Residential users of the product also benefit from having the ability to block the rain. Wet, rainy conditions instantly end a barbecue or outdoor party, but an awning lets the festivities continue. Children love being allowed out on the patio during rainstorms. The table and other furnishing stay dry, and the patio remains functional in most light or moderate rain events. 

Improves the Budget

The Department of Energy has estimated that awnings on west-facing windows reduce summer heat entering the home by 77 percent, and up to 65 percent on windows that are south-facing. A patio awning cools the patio but also reduces the amount of heat that enters the room connected to the patio. The result is lower utility bills and a more comfortable room. 

Homeowners that add awnings to their windows and doors can experience even more savings. Everyone in the family will love this benefit because it leaves more money in the budget for things people want and want to do. It is also an energy efficient option for homeowners that want to leave less impact on the Earth.

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