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Why You Should Cover Your Restaurant's Outdoor Dining Space

If you are a restaurant owner with additional outdoor space, you may want to consider growing your business by adding covered outdoor dining. That space can be an intimate patio, a modest sidewalk space, or a large courtyard.  Take a look at the benefits of adding covers to these spaces to create additional dining areas.

Covered Space Brings Extra Revenue

When you cover your outdoor dining space, you ultimately create extra revenue for your business. This can occur for a variety of reasons.
You Can Extend Your Outdoor Seating Season
When outdoor space is covered, diners are protected from inclement weather. Atlanta has pleasant spring and fall months, but rain is always a possibility. Patio, sidewalk, or walkway covers allow your guests to still enjoy your outdoor seating options even during bad weather.
With the right kind of curtain walls, you can even close up your space against chilly temperatures and provide a source of heat like a fire pit, fireplace, or space heaters. This allows you to be open for business in the winter months when many other restaurants cannot.
You Can Build a Repeat-Customer Base
An optional covered outdoor seating area on your restaurant property draws both kinds of diners — those who prefer dining indoors and those who like to eat outdoors. Diners prefer to eat outside for many reasons. An attractive outdoor setting is relaxing, beautiful, and even makes food taste better.
This choice increases the potential for repeat customers who stay loyal to your business and come back repeatedly because of the pleasant outdoor experience you offer. You can further improve your outdoor ambience with water features, flowers, and other landscaping.
You Can Rent Out Your Covered Space
With additional covered outdoor space comes the option to diversify your services. You can rent out your outdoor space for weddings, parties, and other social events. A large covered area can easily create an intimate setting for celebrations any time of year. If weather turns too hot or cold for comfort, versatile curtain walls allow you to enclose the space for protection against cold, humidity, and rain.

Covered Space Scales Your Restaurant

As your restaurant grows, so too do your staffing needs. That extra outdoor space means more tables for more customers and a greater need for more wait staff and cooks. You may make the decision to scale your restaurant to fulfill these new demands. Take a look at the benefits for your business when your covered seating increases your restaurant staff.
You Enjoy Better Finance Rates
Larger businesses are looked upon as more financially stable and credible than smaller businesses. As a larger business, you now have better choices for lower cost financing from lending institutions. With more loan options, you can invest in your business in different ways. This might mean upgrading your kitchen equipment or making your restaurant more energy efficient.
You Experience Economy of Scale
When a large business produces more of a product, it can do so for less cost than before. For a restaurant, you can buy food product in larger quantities at lower prices but still continue to sell appetizers and entrees at the same price. The new cost difference becomes pure profit.
You Can Diversify Your Product
A larger business allows you to diversify your product. This could be in the form of restaurant food options or staff service options. Your larger staff can accommodate an additional meal service, such as extending your business hours to include a breakfast menu.
Or your larger staff lets you try new services that a smaller staff was previously unable to fulfill. Perhaps your business can take part in community or charity food events or offer catering services.
Your restaurant can generate more revenue simply by adding covering to your outdoor seating, which can encourage your business to grow in many ways. For more information about how outdoor covers and awning can benefit your business, visit Designer Awnings & Canopies.