commercial awning

In Atlanta, there’s a saying.  If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and you’ll see it change.  We experience all of the 4 seasons here Atlanta and all of the southeast.  Sometimes, we even experience all 4 seasons in the same day! That’s where we here at Designer Awnings and Canopies can help with the right commercial awning for your business!

No one wants to walk in the rain, snow or sleet.  Whether they’re coming to your business, restaurant or store front, having a welcoming front door free from the elements is important.   On the flip side, no one wants to break a sweat waiting for their ride or the rest of their party outside your door either. That’s where a commercial awning comes in to play. 

Our high quality commercial awnings offer your patronage a reprieve from the elements. They also add extra visibility to your space. We have seen it time and again where our customers tell us since adding that awning space we have seen our traffic tick up. People also notice their business more as a result of their new commercial awning.  People will also come to your business instead of another because they know they can get from the car to your front door without getting soaked from the rain.

Regardless of your commercial awning need, we can the expertise and experience to get you what you need.  We specialize in fabric, metal and retractable awnings that can be customized specifically for your business.  Your awning can also be customized with your logo and other artwork or information vital to your business.  

Don’t let your customers suffer the elements outside your front door.  Make your entry warm and inviting to all who pass. In addition, get that extra visibility you need to grab a few extra customers each day.  Contact us now for a quote! Also check our our awning visualizer to see what it would look like!